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MAKE +200% / +450% / +1000% JUST in HOURS! - is a cryptocurrency strategic consulting team.
We constantly plan and discuss strategic ways of trading and mining cryptocurrencies.


Investment Plan

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0.1 - 100000

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0.1 - 100000

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0.1 - 100000

About - is a cryptocurrency strategic consulting team. We are constantly planning and discussing strategic ways to trade and mine bitcoins. paving its way to the top of the cryptocurrency industry. Our goal is to direct and lead our investors to the rapid growth of their bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies require a lot of interdisciplinary approach in order to understand this and successfully invest in them. We can educate our investors on how to maximize the large monthly / daily income through mining and cryptocurrency trading.

Crowdfunding allows us to provide our investors with the flexibility and opportunity to choose how and when to successfully invest their money. In addition, it helps us improve our mining farms by buying powerful mining machines, and helps our members profit from their funds.

We are constantly building our company as one of the leading cryptocurrency traders and can constantly provide our investors with the best possible ways to get their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

To start participating in, you need to create an account on our website.
You need a valid email address and credentials to register with us. You also need to have at least one account in any of our accepted payment methods.
You can use the password for recovery on the login page. If this does not work, please contact [email protected]
No, you do not need to have an active deposit to receive commissions.
We can only do this for you, please send a message to the support section or write to us at [email protected] We do not allow editing your email address yourself to ensure the security of your account . Verification of ownership of the account is necessary before editing your email address in a file for you.
You can register without upline.
The minimum deposit is 0.50 for all plan packages.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.10 for all payment systems.
We use real-time cryptocurrency courses that we accept.
If you use Crypto Currency, you need to wait for 3 confirmations on the blockchain. For Payeer and Perfect money, this is instant. If your deposit has not been added, please contact [email protected]
You can request a withdrawal at any time and we will process them for you.
Withdraw funds in instant mode (instantly).
You can contact us for a commission. Provided that you are the actual superior of the proposed lower level.

Why choose us?

DDoS Protected

Security is our priority!

Dear company

Long-Lived can confidently manage your investments without transferring risks to you.

Low entry cost

With our investment plan, our minimum deposit is only 0.50 .

Multi payment system

We accept multiple payment methods. (Payeer and Perfect Money)

Affiliate Program

We offer a simple direct referral system, all direct referrals will bring you 50% of their investment.

50% - Level 1

8% - Level 2

2% - Level 3


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